Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Play set!

We set out a space in our backyard when we first moved in for Macy (& kid #2) to have a play set, but I wanted to wait until we had a fence. Well, 3 years and kid #2 later it has arrived!!

And what a pain!

First we had to dig out all the weeds and grass (not sure why we kept misc pieces of grass but we did), then we got the boxes out with all the pieces of wood...

End of day 1

Holy Mother of Pete! There were SO many pieces and NONE of it was labeled so while Bryan and Al put together the ladder and rock wall (which were the 1st things in instructions ~wierd~) Linda and I organized all the pieces...
End of day 2

On the 3rd day Bryan, Al & Troy got to some serious work and almost had the whole thing put together! The kids were so excited, they could hardly wait!

End of day 3

Bryan and I got started really early on day 4 hoping we could get it finished. I had a family party that night so I left Bryan and Al working and around 7:45 Bryan let me know it was finished!

End of day 4

Macy & Brady could swing all day if it weren't so hot outside! I think Brady loves it more than Macy even though he can't swing himself. He will only let me push him though. He always tells Bryan "No, I got it Dad" and he will swing slowly back and forth until he isn't moving anymore. The slide is FAST! Since it is wavy Macy bounces on it and always lands right at the bottom and it hurts her bum. Pretty funny. They have had lunch quite a few times at the bench and Brady has already fallen off the ladder once (Bryan was watching, not me).

They could probably climb onto the house from their play set but we aren't going to tell them that and just pray they never figure it out. But I won't be surprised the day Macy runs in and yells 'Mom! Brady is on the roof!'

We love our play set!

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ashlie said...

Looks like alot of fun! The day will come when they are on the roof!