Monday, August 3, 2009

Cowabunga Bay

Friday Bryan took the day off to take us to Cowabunga Bay, the new water park in Draper. All the different colors of the slides are just so temping to us as we drive by!

Macy and Brady before all the fun began

Bryan waiving at us before testing out the first slide

Macy and I waving taking her on her 3rd slide

Me & the kids on the lazy river

Sharing an ice cream

I will say that my kids are a little too young and timid to go here. It didn't help that the first slide Macy went on she got a face full of water and it didn't help that I then took Brady on that exact slide and give him a face full of water. :{ But Macy was brave enough to go on a couple more slides with plenty of time in between. I think their favorite was just playing in the pool area, it only goes to 3 ft tall so Macy could roam far and free (with no life jacket), and Brady could just sit by me and splash in the water.

Brady found a grasshopper in the water and picked it up, the kid loves grasshoppers and can catch them so easily, he played with it for quite a while letting it jump off his finger back into the water only for him to grab it again and then hold it under water. It was funny to watch him, every time it would just he would yell "grasshopper!".

We ended the day by getting a vanilla ice cream cone with a sunburn, delicious!

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