Friday, August 29, 2008

Park City

We went to Park City for our Anniversary and made it into a family trip. Sunday I took the kids to the Silly Sunday Street Fair on Main St. and we got to watch a Drum circle, a little kid juggle, lady walking on stilts and a band perform. On Monday we took the kids to the Alpine Slide and the new Alpine Coaster. I took her on the slide first and just went as fast as I could because I figured I could slow down if she got scared but she was LOVIN' it, she kept yelling "woohoo!". Then she went with Daddy and said it was funner with him because he went faster (I guess I wasn't going as fast as I thought) :) Then I took her on the new coaster ride they have and it was "Freakin' awesome!" as Macy put it. We were going so fast I kept telling her to let me know if she needed me to slow down and she said "No! Faster!!", I was laughing (mostly out of fear). Poor Brady just had to sit at the bottom with one of us and play on the picnic table. :( The trip was cut short, but we had fun while it lasted!

Too Cute!

"Too Cute!!" As Grandpa put it. Al took this picture yesterday while Macy and Brady were riding his old tricycle (with a little help from Grandma, of course). Brady HAS to do everything his sister does, which she is starting to realize is annoying. I thought I had more time before I heard the "Mom! Brady keeps bugging me". But the second he wakes up he wants his sister, if I don't take him to her room he will crawl there the second I put him down.

I'm lucky they love each other so much!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So this morning Brady was sitting on the dishwasher door (sitting on things is his favorite thing to do these days), and I was taking his picture and said "Brady say cheese" and I swear he said it, and of course I missed the picture so I said "Ok, Brady one more time say cheese" and he DID say cheese! I couldn't believe it! Of course I have been trying to get him to say it again all do but he won't :(

I take it back! At dinner I told Brady to say cheese for Daddy and he did! Now I have Bryan to prove I'm not lying.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ok Ok Ok

I have been putting off the whole Blog thing, but I am giving in! Now you can all quit bugging me about not having one! ;)

Of course I will be putting a million pictures of my darling children on here and I will do my best to keep everything updated. Wish me luck!

BTW: The reason our blog is called The Chicken and the Bean (in case some of you don't know) is because those our our children's nicknames. How Brady got the nickname "Chicken" I can't remember but we ALL call him that. Bryan started calling Macy "Bean" right as soon as I got pregnant with her.