Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Disney Channel fest

Today we went down to the Gallivan center for the Disney Channel fest. The kids had so much fun! Macy was being a little shy and didn't want to go out on the grass to dance with all the other kids so we sat and watched the dancers for a bit and then looked at all the booths.

Took pictures with Mickey

Took pictures with Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs

Got Milk :)
They gave out free Creamies

And got their faces painted! Brady just couldn't stop looking at Macy and laughing. Then she growled at him and he really got scared!
They both looked so cute!

Snowbird -BBQ Cook off

We went to Snowbird for the BBQ cook off and had yummy (but expensive!) BBQ and listened to some good music. The kids danced and I think most of the people were watching them instead of the band, which you'll see why it's too cute! Brady fell numerous times dancing so hard so he has calmed down in the video...

We tried to have Macy take a picture of us, Bryan should have worn his glasses!

Our kids just makin' themselves comfortable!


We are hoping it won't be so rainy next year so we can go to the brunch instead of dinner!


We went to Lagoon with Sara, Randy & Garrett. We had so much fun despite all the rain!

Me, Macy, Garrett & Sara
on the Tilt-A-Whirl
(Sara got sick after this ride :) hee hee)

Macy on the Bat
Her 1st big girl ride!

Sara & Garret
on the kid swings

Macy and Garrett
Space ships
(I think we get this same picture every time we go!)

Me & Macy
Egg drop
(or what ever it is called) :)

Thanks Sara and Randy for inviting us!!

LDS Temple

My Mom and I took the kids through the new South Jordan temple. It was very pretty! We got to the room that looks like a chapel and Macy walked into the Pews and sat down and my Mom said "Oh, Macy let's keep going" and Macy said "No, I want to sit for a minute" and so we all sat down and she just looked around and sat and after a few minutes said "Ok, I'm ready". It was pretty cute. And on our way out Brady saw a big picture of Jesus and he kept saying "Bye, Jesus!" over and over.
The view of the valley is amazing!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweetest daughter

Yesterday after dinner Macy made Bryan and I stand next to each other and hold hands in the living room, she then ran into the other room and told us to close our eyes. When she came back she said "open!" and she was holding a picture she had drawn of Bryan and I standing next to each other holding hands. She said it was a picture of us on our wedding day. So cute!!!


I can't remember when I bought Macy her first Starbucks but it had to be after 2!

Well I'm starting Brady early, he got tired of Macy getting a Hot Chocolate or Vanilla steamer and him only getting a sip of hers (yes he did tell me all of these things, maybe in not so many words). :)

But look how happy he is!!

Ahhh, the joys of Starbucks

Swim Lessons


Was Macy's mantra for weeks now, she had her first lesson yesterday and much to her surprise she had so much fun and now loves it! Luckily we missed the rain storm by seconds. Hopefully today is just as lucky!

Dentist appointments

Macy and Brady had Dentist appointments last week.

Macy did so good, exept she had a cavity...UGH! When we went back to get it fixed she didn't even flinch when they numbed her mouth and the only complaining was after because her mouth was numb and all she wanted to do was bite her cheek (they told her not too). She refused to smile for me so I could take a picture. -smart girl :)

Brady couldn't wait to get up into the Dentist chair! He looked so tiny! -No cavities...yet...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gossip Girl

At Steve and Angie's wedding Macy saw this little boy and girl kiss, they were about her age and she just couldn't believe it! She is very curious about kissing right now. She watches when Bryan and I kiss, she giggles when she see's someone kiss on T.V., etc. Well she HAD to know all the details of this kiss so she asked the boy all about it, who initiated it, how long, what kind(!?). Hilarious. Well that wasn't the end, we get in the car and Macy say's "I have to tell Taryn about this" I handed her my phone and she calls Taryn and tells her all about this kiss, I recorded part of the conversation, luckily it was the funniest part.

Macy's Graduation

Macy graduated Pre-School! We are so proud of her, she learned so much this year I am nervous to send her to regular school next year for fear she'll be repeating a lot of the same info. Her teachers said that she was super smart and that she was reading on a 2nd grade level! And they think the teachers are not going to be sure what to do with her next year since she knows so much (which doesn't help my anxiety). She gets her smarts from her Dad. :)

She did an AWESOME job at her graduation program, the teachers had put together a whole program and I can't believe they got her to do all moves and sing! She was mouthing exactly what her teacher was saying because she had it all memorized. She ended up in the corner seat so when they would stand up she would be behind the boys on either side of her, well my little girl just pushed herself forward and stood in front of them! Al said he could see both Bryan and I in her that day; Bryan in the lack of dancing ability and me in the making sure she was in front. :)

She chose Carl's Jr. for lunch (her favorite restaurant) and then Bryan and I took her to see the movie UP. Then for her graduation gift she asked for a pet, we agreed on a fish. She got a cute goldfish with black spots, she wanted to name him fishy but we convinced her to think of something a little more unique and we came up with speedo. She is taking VERY good care of him. She is so grown up.

Bearded Brady

Macy needed the stamps because she was "mailing a package" and 10 minutes later she walks into my room and say's with a serious 'crap I'm in trouble' look on her face "Mom, come here. Brady did something". NOT looking forward to the mess I'm about to walk out to and Brady turns the corner and I about died! It was one of the funniest things I've seen...I'm sure you'll agree.

Once I got over the laughter I took him to the bathroom to show him what he looked like. He couldn't stop laughing either!