Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a day!

Yesterday I had to go feed my Mom's nasty cat and on the way down the hill Macy asked if we could stop and see if Rebecca and McKenna were home. We stopped by but couldn't stay long since we were supposed to be going to lunch with Grandma and then feed the ducks at Sugarhouse park. While we were at Coles and Lisa's they got out their bird "Boomer". I couldn't believe it when I looked over and Brady had it on his shoulder! Had to get the camera...

I ended up taking McKenna, Rebecca, Spencer and Bryson with us. We went and picked Grandma up and grabbed some lunch. In the car Brady grabbed Rebecca's arm and leaned his face against her and just held on, it was too cute!

A goose bit Macy's finger but she thought it was pretty cool

Grandpa helping Brady reach the geese

Grandpa met up with us after a meeting.
Such a cute picture!

My kids in a tree

Coles' kids in a tree

Grandma & Grandpa with the kids (in a tree of course)

Macy trying to pose but Brady wouldn't leave her alone

Brady walking up the stream, he was mad at me in this picture because
I told him it was time to get out

Brady almost falling asleep while Rebecca swang with him

I had so much fun taking everyone, I rarely get to spend time with my cousins so I'm glad I stopped by. I have so many fun memories of Sugarhouse park with family and friend parties, I hope my kids can have just as many memories at this fun park.

4th of July

As always we went to the Copperton Park the morning of the 4th for breakfast and races. However, this year we accidentally to showed up an HOUR early because Bryan and I couldn't remember what time the races started. We're late every year so we just couldn't believe that we could be late if they started at 9 so we decided they HAD to be at 8. Well they start at 9. We did want to get there early so that Macy could practice because she was going to be racing for her first time, she was brave enough this year, and Brady loves to race his sister!

While we were waiting Adam and Tyler were throwing the Football around and Macy and Brady wanted to play too so they were so nice to let them in on their game. Brady even caught a few and Macy did her best to tackle.

They both ran and Macy actually would have won 1st place if they gave out a 1st place prize. Luckily Grandma was standing by with (more) prize money. :) Brady got caught in front of two girls that were holding hands and they basically clothes lined him but he's so tough he didn't fall!

Getting ready to race

And they're OFF!

Clothes liners!

Bryan after winning the shoe race

Hula hoop in action!

After Brady's nap we went over to Sam and June's to swim and have dinner. Macy was a fish this year! She was doing so well and didn't really need any help! Brady was more in and out. He didn't care for his floaty but loved this little hammock thing that they had!

Jumping to Grandpa

Brady and Logan

Brady and Anna
(He loves her!)

Getting ready for fireworks

Macy picked out AWESOME fireworks this year! The nice thing about when we end fireworks at Sam's is that on our way home we get to see the whole firework show at Riverton park on the drive. By the time we pull up to the park we get the finale (it's worked out that way 2 years in a row!).