Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chips & Salsa

Brady LOVES chips and salsa! I was eating it the other day, I had given him a chip and he kept trying to dip it in the salsa so I finally let him and he sucked the salsa off the chips and got the biggest smile on his face and made the loudest most excited sound I have ever heard. Which I was surprised because it is HOT salsa. He kept dipping the same chips and sucking off the salsa, I'll have to teach him about double dipping. :)

After a little while he followed me into the kitchen saying "sasa, sasa", it was so cute!

He takes after his Mama that's for sure!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think this was my favorite Christmas so far. We stayed home the kids opened all their presents and then we cleaned up that mess then Bryan and I opened our gifts. Cristy and Peric came down and made us Swedish pancakes (they were delicious!), they didn't stay too long :( but then the kids played, Bryan took a nap and I read. When Brady went down for his nap Bryan went out side and had to shovel, it took him 2 1/2 hours but Macy went outside and played in the snow and had a blast!
Bryan's parents and Troy came over around 4:30 and brought dinner (which was extra nice!).

I know I am so selfish when it comes to Christmas day (I get that from my Mother) but after this year I realized how it's so worth it!

And just to make it clear, not all of these gifts are from Santa and Mom and Dad. We put them with ALL the gifts they get from extended family also. But it was really funny when our neighbor Morgan came over to play with Macy and she said "Oh my GOD, that is a lot of presents!"


New Bike (so he can quite riding the pink one!)

New Bike (she's still to short for it!)