Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What a week-end! Bryan took Friday and Monday off, Macy was so excited about that!

We dyed Easter eggs on Thursday night. Brady HAD to be involved and it was all Bryan could do to keep him out of the dye.

Friday Macy was so excited to have her Daddy home that she wanted to make him breakfast in bed, so we made eggs and toast. He loved it! What a sweet little girl who loves her Daddy ALOT! Then Bryan took all of us to the Dinosaur museum, they both thought it was pretty cool.

Saturday we went to Nana's for the annual Easter egg hunt. Brady got to ride on Nana's walker but I'm not sure he thought it was that fun, he likes to be running around with all the other kids. :) Macy and Mary got to do their hunt together. While we were up in Nana's room I spied the golden egg in a tree and when we got outside, it happened to be in Brady's area! So as soon as the lady said go I ran over (with Brady of course) ;) and "helped" him get the egg. He only picked up about 5 other eggs, but got some fun sand toys and a dollar. Macy got a bucket full!
Easter morning the Easter bunny spread eggs all over the house, the kids had so much fun filling their baskets. The Easter bunny got Macy the Crayola 3D market set and new helmet and he brought Brady some cars and a new helmet. We went to breakfast with the Pino family and then over to G & G Pino's for another Easter Egg hunt! They also got some new clothes and movies. Brady is so funny, he pulled out each piece of clothing and said "oh cute".

We had G&G Dixon over for dinner and played a little Wii, the kids helped Grandpa get through the rest of his walk by walking with him. ;) After they went home Macy jumped up into the bottom of the counter and got a big goose egg and had to lay on the couch for awhile. :(

We had such a nice Easter! Had to do a slideshow to show all the pictures!

Sucky Broke

SOME HOW the tip of Brady's sucky got cut off! He tried it out, it wasn't the same so he handed it back and said "Broke". He has done so well, hasn't cried at night at all only a little before naps. Every once and awhile he will say "sucky?" and I will hand it to him and he looks at it and says "broke, sucky" and throw it on the floor. We haven't been able to get him to throw it away, he'll walk over to the garbage with it but then he just can't put it in there.

Macy is not happy about the whole process she keeps telling him that she will find him a new one and say's we are mean parents. :) She never had a sucky so really it was a new thing for all of us.

It was hard to take that step, he's growing up so fast! He seems to take it all so well. My big boy.