Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Macy!

Macy turned 6 today! She's been so funny about her Birthday this year, normally she will have a theme or she'll know exactly what she wants. This year everything has been on a whim, we went to the party store and she looked around and then picked out dog invitations, then she wanted to have her party at chucky cheese but decided on Jumpin' Jacks, I asked her what kind of cake she wanted and she said she didn't care so I took her to the store to look and she said she just wanted to have balloons on it (which turned out TERRIBLE!), we asked her probably 1000 times what she wanted for her Birthday and it was never the same answer, I got a DS, a new IPOD, some paint and a new coloring book,or some cars.
So, in spite of lots of non specifics she had a really fun party and I think was really happy with her gifts.
We gave her a "alive" Husky puppy that she had asked for a couple of times off the TV and new shoes. Brady gave her Bendaroo's, she was REALLY excited about those. She got lots of fun presents from her friends and she is so lucky that her friends know her so well and get her exactly what she wants.
She had her party at Jumpin' Jack's, which is a bounce house, she invited some friends from school and they all came. We got her balloon cake and I had all these cute visions in my head of what it would look like and when I opened the box I was SO let down (first time I have ever been disappointed in Harmons), but of course Macy didn't care.

I am so lucky to have Macy as my daughter, I am so glad she is who she is and has the personality that she does. I love you with all my heart Bean!!

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Erica Williams said...

Looks like fun! Happy birthday Macy!