Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Macy's Graduation

Macy graduated Pre-School! We are so proud of her, she learned so much this year I am nervous to send her to regular school next year for fear she'll be repeating a lot of the same info. Her teachers said that she was super smart and that she was reading on a 2nd grade level! And they think the teachers are not going to be sure what to do with her next year since she knows so much (which doesn't help my anxiety). She gets her smarts from her Dad. :)

She did an AWESOME job at her graduation program, the teachers had put together a whole program and I can't believe they got her to do all moves and sing! She was mouthing exactly what her teacher was saying because she had it all memorized. She ended up in the corner seat so when they would stand up she would be behind the boys on either side of her, well my little girl just pushed herself forward and stood in front of them! Al said he could see both Bryan and I in her that day; Bryan in the lack of dancing ability and me in the making sure she was in front. :)

She chose Carl's Jr. for lunch (her favorite restaurant) and then Bryan and I took her to see the movie UP. Then for her graduation gift she asked for a pet, we agreed on a fish. She got a cute goldfish with black spots, she wanted to name him fishy but we convinced her to think of something a little more unique and we came up with speedo. She is taking VERY good care of him. She is so grown up.

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