Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gossip Girl

At Steve and Angie's wedding Macy saw this little boy and girl kiss, they were about her age and she just couldn't believe it! She is very curious about kissing right now. She watches when Bryan and I kiss, she giggles when she see's someone kiss on T.V., etc. Well she HAD to know all the details of this kiss so she asked the boy all about it, who initiated it, how long, what kind(!?). Hilarious. Well that wasn't the end, we get in the car and Macy say's "I have to tell Taryn about this" I handed her my phone and she calls Taryn and tells her all about this kiss, I recorded part of the conversation, luckily it was the funniest part.


MEGAN said...

that is sooooo funny! Taryn enjoyed it!!

Carmen said...

HAHA! That is so cute.