Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sad...what are the odds!

Friday Brady was hungry so I opened the pantry door just at the guy delivering our dirt rang the doorbell so I walked over to answer the door and as soon as I did Brady fell and started screaming. So I ran back over and picked him up walked back to the door and the man got all freaked out and said "He's bleeding! He's bleeding!", I look over and Brady is pouring blood from his mouth. :(

I guess he had stood up on Freddy's snack jar and it tipped and he fell and cut his bottom lip with his two top teeth. It took forever to get it to stop bleeding and I felt horrible!

Then it started to feel awfully familiar! Macy was about the same age when she fell down the stairs at Erica's house and cut her bottom lip with her top teeth! So Bryan and I looked back at our pictures and noticed that it happened two days (and 4 years) apart from each other. Macy fell on May 12 and Brady fell on May 14! What are the odds!

Silver lining...
Brady's wasn't as bad as Macy's so I don't think he'll have the scars she does.

luckily we aren't having anymore children or I would be nervous every May!

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Erica Williams said...

Poor Brady! I was starting to read that post and thought to myself that it sounded awefully familiar. How ironic that it happened at the same age as Macy. I guess lips just bleed a lot :)