Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brady's Hair Cut

Most of you know and most have seen him but I have yet to blog about it, so here it goes. The pressure was on to cut his hair, Bryan had given me until summer and as soon as it started to get warm I started to panic and thought about it daily! I think the decision was finally made for me when over Easter week-end two different people called him a little girl (even though he was in jeans and a blue button up shirt, I mean give me a break!). I looked a pictures on the Internet because I didn't want him to have a typical boy haircut and emailed them all to Erica, so she had an idea of what we were going for. Then the day arrives :( I pull up to Erica's house and am instantly sick to my stomach. We go downstairs to her salon and she gets everything ready and says "Ok, Shandell you can put him down now" and I just stood there and said "I don't think I can". He was SO good through the whole process (had to use a little candy towards the end). I absolutely love his haircut! Erica did an awesome job, Thank you, Thank you! He looks a lot older and so much more like a little man now (NOT saying he looked like a girl before!).


So Long!

Almost left a mullet :)


How handsome!

And now a month later I look back and I miss his long hair, he has such nice hair! I will keep it short over the summer but who knows what we'll do with it next :)

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Carmen said...

He looks so cool! And you're adorable. I love that you were so traumatized by the whole thing.