Monday, February 9, 2009

Macy's Valentine's Party

Macy had a Valentine's party last week and invited all her friends. The kids decorated sugar cookies, Valentine hats and Macy really wanted to play Hokey Pokey until everyone got there and started playing then it was over it but I made them play once. :)

*at the party: Jack and Nixin Williams, Aubrey Nuckles, Ella (I forget), Halle & Chase Karren, Malory Emery, Savanna & McKenna Smith, Halle (& sisters) Beerman, Caleb Hendericks & Taryn & Houston Allred.*

Thanks to everyone who came, Macy is lucky to have such wonderful friends (well friends whose Mom's will bring them over).


Erica Williams said...

It was a fun party! Thanks for inviting us. Jack and Nixin

natasha said...

so fun!

ashlie said...

Caleb had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us!