Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chips & Salsa

Brady LOVES chips and salsa! I was eating it the other day, I had given him a chip and he kept trying to dip it in the salsa so I finally let him and he sucked the salsa off the chips and got the biggest smile on his face and made the loudest most excited sound I have ever heard. Which I was surprised because it is HOT salsa. He kept dipping the same chips and sucking off the salsa, I'll have to teach him about double dipping. :)

After a little while he followed me into the kitchen saying "sasa, sasa", it was so cute!

He takes after his Mama that's for sure!

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Erica Williams said...

Wow! I love salsa but wouldn't expect that your little guy would. Is that paticular brand of salsa good? Chad and I are on a hunt for a great store bought salsa.