Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Rock Climber

Macy and I went a fair with our friends Kristen and Taylor last Saturday, we walked the girls over to the rock climbing wall and the instructor asked Macy if she would like to try it and I couldn't believe it she said yes! He put the harness on her and she started to get scared but then he walked over took her by the hand and put her on the rope, she started to climb but didn't get very far (those walls aren't made for tiny little girls) but she was so excited and proud of herself for even getting up a little bit. Then the instructor picked her up and put her really high and she tried it again, it was so exciting to watch her be so brave! She did say the funnest part was letting go and swinging down.

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ashlie said...

Good job Macy! You look like a pro!