Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brady's 1st Birthday!

OK, so I have been trying to upload a slide show of Brady's 1st Birthday but for some reason the slide show that shows up is of some other people kissing and telling each other they love each other in Spanish! So I am just going to upload a couple pictures for now and until they can figure it out the slide show will have to wait.

Brady's 1st Birthday was so fun! We did a Prince theme and I wanted him to get books as gifts (because we have so many toys) so I made picture book invitations with pictures of him and a little "story" about Prince Brady, they turned out DARLING! He had a crown and I had a cupcake cake done in the shape of a crown. We had all of Brady's favorite foods: Macaroni & cheese (Megan made one, it was delicious! Thank you), Chicken fingers, Watermelon, & BB Salad.

Brady is so lucky to have so many people that love him: Grandma & Grandpa Pino, Grandma & Grandpa Blakely, Nana Pino, Great Grandma & Grandpa Dixon, Uncle Troy, Sara & Randy, Sarah, Collins, Aunt Susann & Taylor, Kyra & kids, Allred family, and the Apgar family.

We gave him a little horse & Macy gave him a little truck and a big ball. He got a ton of books and a perfect amount of toys! His favorites are the car station (from G&G Blakely) and his 4 wheeler (from Uncle Troy), & his cell phone (from G&G Pino). The morning after his birthday he just sat in the living room looking through all his books, it was really cute! He would pick one up turn a couple pages then throw it on the other side of him, until he had gone through them all. Then Macy and I sat with him and read a bunch, he loved it!

Thank you all our family and friends for making Brady's birthday so special!

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