Friday, December 19, 2008

F bomb

This story is too funny not to share and I don't want to forget it later in life.

Last week we went to the bank and I asked the man for suckers for Macy and Brady when we got them I gave Macy hers and unwrapped Brady's and his was only a half a sucker and I said "Oh, weird. Brady's sucker is all funked up" and Macy said "Mines not f*cked up" and I just stopped and said "what did you say" and she repeated herself in the most calm manor and showed me her sucker. I started laughing so hard and kept making her repeat it (terrible I know but I couldn't help it).

It's kind of sad that such a foul word coming out such an innocent little mouth can cause so much laughter.


Erica Williams said...

Funny! I actually like it when my kids swear. It makes me laugh. They tend to lean more towards the "S word" though :)

MEGAN said...

This little fly on the wall finally is revealing what her mommy says all the time!