Thursday, October 9, 2008

Show and Tell

Yesterday Macy had Show and Tell at her school, it took her two days to figure out what she wanted to take! I thought for sure it would be Doggy since he DOESN'T leave her side unless she is at school but she said "No, my teachers have already met Doggy". As we were getting ready for school I told her she had to figure it out so we weren't scrambling at the last minute, and she asked me if she could take Brady. Oh! I thought that was the cutest thing ever! So Brady got to be his sisters show and tell. All of the kids thought he was so funny and cute.


ashlie said...

That is so cute she took him as her show and tell! I love it!

natasha said...

last year during "m" week, mike forgot his show and tell at home and so he passed himself around as his show and tell. he said, "i start with M!" so he told all the kids how he loves sushi and ninja turtles. it was so silly.

MEGAN said...

she is so proud of her little bro! I am sure Brady loved the attention too! You can see Taryn smiling at macy in the picture. :)